Hockey Canada

This website is dedicated to offering informative insight concerning ice hockey, and as a Toronto native, Mark Rivkin recognizes those that have committed themselves to preserving our great sport. Because the NHL has experienced the most success as a professional hockey league in the United States, many overlook the fact that the nation of Canada once represented this now superior professional sports organization. Canada was the birth place of ice hockey in North America, and our national sport has been the breeding ground for many of history’s greatest athletes. In this edition of the Mark Rivkin Hockey Review we wanted to observe the national governing body of ice hockey in Canada, referred to simply as Hockey Canada.

Hockey-Canada Mark Rivkin ReviewInitially known as the Canadian Hockey Association, Hockey Canada is a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation and the organization is responsible for regulating much of the sport’s activity in Canada. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Hockey Canada actively maintains the value of our fine sport with a broad spectrum of objectives including regulation oversight, player safety, athletic development and promotion. A few of the most coveted championship trophies include the Allan Cup, the Memorial Cup and the Royal Bank Cup.

The Canadian tradition of ice hockey has decades of history, and it’s been represented in the international field of competition since halfway through the twentieth century when the International Ice Hockey Federation was established. In addition, our nation’s involvement in both Olympic and World Championship ice hockey competition has been impressive and dates back nearly a hundred years.

Learn more about Hockey Canada by visiting the association’s official website,, find them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter @HockeyCanada.